"I am hearing poetry when awake, dreaming poetry when asleep, breathing poetry with each breath, I am living in a poem."

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Dream Quilt

I lay on my bed pulling my dreams over my head
Wanting to leave lonely and travel to you
My waking moments spent missing you

In my dreams reality doesn’t separate us
I can hold you in my arms
Saying I love you without worry

You are so real in my nocturnal journey
I feel your lips on mine
Your heartbeat warms my fingers

I fight morning’s tug to awaken me
I don’t want to leave you
Daylight means we must part

Oh damn the reasons we can not
Tell the world of our love
Stuffing it inside where no one can see it

I want to go back to sleep
To wrap myself in my dream quilt
And spend every moment loving you
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I'm Gonna Rise Up

I’m gonna rise up
There’s a hallelujah in me
I’ve been down

I’m gonna rise up
There’s a hallelujah in me
I’ve been broken

I’m gonna rise up
There’s a hallelujah in me
I had given up

I’m gonna rise up
There’s a hallelujah in me
I now have hope

I’m gonna rise up
There’s a hallelujah in me
I’m turning my life around
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Days Like Alice

There are days I am like Alice
Falling down a rabbit hole into Wonderland
Inhabited by easily recognizable creatures
Who act in an unrecognizable manner

Preachers touting to live a life without sin
When behind the rectory door
They are consumed with acting out their lust

Parents who should nurture and love their children
Are striking the most defenseless
With verbal and physical abuse

A country that fought to gain the right of freedom
Of religion and freedom from unjust rule
Finds its legislators embroiled in partisan politics

Greed has sent its plague to infect
Many who are in positions of monetary investment
Robbing those who were just trying to secure their future

There seems to be a collective insanity
Strangling mankind at any given moment
Honorable sacrificed on the altar of selfishness

It leaves me wanting to claw my way
Back up the tunnel to escape
And wonder if I am the one who is mad
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Sunshine On Mondays

There was sunshine on a Monday morning
I saw it peeking through the trees
Spring lingering a few more days before summer

The working week had started with grumblings
It is too soon to be back at work
Served with a cup of black coffee

My attitude so cynical in its wave of bleak
I stood engulfed in my own negativism
Until Miss Goodspirits sat down next to me

With her infusion of perky she stated she loved Mondays
It is my chance to start all over again
I can toss out all I failed at the week before

Her attitude was the cream I needed to lighten my mood
That had been as dark as the coffee I was drinking
I smiled thinking I like sunshine on Mondays
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Standing On My Knees

I am standing on my knees
My legs have become too weak
It is going to take prayer to get over you

I wish I could empty my heart
Of everything you have left behind
Pack it in a box of memories that no longer hurt

A movie of all you have meant to me
Keeps playing over and over in my mind
I just can’t face looking at the end

I don’t understand any of it
All I can do is to stay on my knees
Praying one day I can stand on my feet
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Monday, May 17, 2010


Poems and songs about love
Too many to count
Passion demands expression

The three words of I love you
Turn into libraries filled
With volumes about the heart

Love gives life meaning
It gives the ability to dream
It gives hope

Love will continue to be
What we speak about
What we sing about
What we write about
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Making Sense a Headache

Where when why and how
Would make for a very interesting story
If I could make sense of me

Or I should say sense of my thinking
Just when I think I am safely traveling
In one direction of thought
My mind takes a detour

It is not that I can’t pay attention
There has to be a decision made
As to what will be assigned my consideration

Should I categorize from the most important to the least
But then my categories might not suit those
Of someone seeking my attention

There is consensus that as one ages
The body tends to slow down
Does that include the mind

I seem to be in a conundrum
Society labels me a senior adult
So when does this process of aging begin
I am like a hyperactive child
My body and mind never at rest

All this trying to make sense is a headache
I shall stop trying to figure “me” out
And live happy in my confusion
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Love Where Are You

Love where are you
I am alone tonight
Shutters drawn on my heart

Each beating marks another moment
Of my exile in disenchantment
Living on an island of tears

I am so broken I can not elicit a smile
Pain has my face frozen
In grief’s anguished mask

I have no strength to dream
Hope has abandoned me
I am adrift in a sea of dejection
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Territory Unexplored

Inside of me is territory unexplored
A province of imagination
Where inspiration acts as guide
To reveal what lays hidden

In an alphabet jungle words
Are camouflaged as they
Hide among distraction
Waiting for creativity
To discover their verse

Even I am amazed at the
Untapped wonder that is me
It is not pride but a realization
That I have much to learn
And much to share
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Yellow Flame

Yellow flame on a candle
A flickering beacon
Signaling I await your return

Hearth warm and family joined
Listening for footsteps
On the front porch

Precious one gone too long
War a world away
Has kept you from home

Hearts waiting to say welcome
This time you must stay
Our candles are almost gone
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Music and Me

Music is my escape
When the world
Hits me with all it has
I regroup sitting among melodies

There are songs of joy
Filling me with exultation
Replacing the doubt
That tries to pull me under

Dance rhythms cause my
Body to feel and move
Freedom vibrations of
Celebration coursing through me

It is language universal
I don’t have to understand
The words to appreciate
The interpretation my body feels

Music is sustenance for my soul
Notes feed my imagination
Giving me strength to dream
To believe I am a fountain of possibility
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today Arrives

Windows open
Today arrives
With the sun

It is new
Without blemish
Yesterday erased

Hope stands
At the door
Waiting to enter

Welcome it in
It is the strength
Of this new day
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Floating Love Notes

Within snowflakes the sun shines
Sparkled reflection of the smile
Inside my heart
Floating love notes written
In diamonded pen
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Faded Crimson

The bloom on the rose has wilted
Beauty’s gift given
Petals lay on the ground
A faded crimson memory
Of bouquet’s allure
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You Are

The world beats me up
Always wanting
Demanding my attention
You are my refuge

Days spent being torn
Circumstances engulf me
Fracturing my calm
You are my peace

My heart breaks
Grief overwhelms
Pain seems to never end
You are my comfort

Times I don’t know
Who I am
Where I am going
You are my compass

I am a better person
Because of you
You are my everything
You are my love
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Butterrfly Cupid

Butterfly Cupid spoke to me
in her poems.
The words reaching me
where magic’s light
had been extinguished.

How did she know me?
Was she at the door
of  my soul listening,
my heart’s burden
felt in hers.

A simple question
“Have you written
anything lately?”
began to draw
out the prose hidden
inside my heart.

With courage I sent
my poem to a beauty
who stirred me to
believe I could dream again.

Love’s tendrils began
to bond our hearts.
Romance bloomed
where desolation
was once my soul’s residence.

A magic spell carried on wings,
Butterfly Cupid awakened
the poet in me
through her verses.
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Goodbye To Me

My memory an attic where treasures
Once precious lay gathering dust
Brilliant colors now turned gray

There is a frantic rustle
As I dig through my trunk of yesterdays
Faces stored there more familiar
Than those standing before me now

Where has my husband gone
Please someone help me find him
He is my forever love
This man though familiar is not him

Have you seen mom or dad
Why haven’t they been here to visit
Please can I call them

Agitated I open drawers searching
Folding and unfolding my clothing
My dinner placed among the socks

I must leave this place
These sterile walls are not
The ones I wallpapered

My babies need me
It is almost time for them to
Arrive home on the school bus

I sit crying in my wheelchair
I can not find my way home
Help me in this fearful place
Of saying goodbye to me

(My mother had Alzheimer’s. It was a heartbreaking long goodbye)
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Excessive complaining tortures my ears
There are those who must spill
Their discontent from vinegary lips

I can not state the sky is blue today
That I don’t hear a negative dissertation
On the gray spoiling their blue sky

They are sad little Eeyores with rain clouds
Perched above their heads
Not seeing a positive for all the negative

Dining with negatarians as I have named them
Ruins my digestion when having to eat
While listening to a list of endless woes

I am sounding like those I can not take
My grumbles as acid as theirs
Perhaps I should find new friends
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A Breath Away From Goodbye

I am a breath away from goodbye,
the words are on my lips.
Please don’t make me say them.

My heart sill loves you.
It is the chasm of doubt
I can not cross.

I feel lost without a map.
How can I reach your heart
in its remote confinement?

Tell me what you are feeling.
Can our hearts be rejoined?
I am a breath away from goodbye.
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